Master of Education in Curriculum Studies with a Focus in Music Education

Teaching music has grown increasingly complex over the last number of years. Teachers today face a changing society, technological shifts, and a student body with diverse needs. Recent efforts to address these challenges through curriculum reform have met with normal resistance to institutional change.

The Acadia University School of Education, in partnership with Acadia's School of Music and Open Acadia, is offering this program as a combination of summer institute and online and blended courses. The program is designed to be course-based, but students with a strong interest in research can also consider a thesis option. Elective courses provide an opportunity for exploration of specific interests. 

Acadia’s program design is unique, and includes:

  • a cohort model
  • a sequenced degree curriculum, where courses are designed to build from one course to the next, culminating in a capstone experience
  • a hybrid of virtual classroom, online modules, and individual/group instruction including face-to-face meetings with professors and advisors
  • scheduling that is friendly to working professionals, including virtual classroom sessions and two week summer residency on campus (as opposed to usual 8 week requirements in other “four-summer” degree programs)
  • rigor achieved through the hybrid design (not simply a collection of unconnected survey courses often found in other distance learning degree programs) combined with a 2-year timeline for completion
  • There are 10 courses to be taken for the completion of the degree, and the courses are offered one at a time over a 2 year period.  

Two cohorts started in the Fall of 2012 - one focused on Elementary Music Education and the other on Secondary Music Education, and a third cohort started in January 2014.

The Acadia University Master of Education in Curriculum Studies with a Focus in Music Education provides teachers with opportunities to learn and share experiences with colleagues in courses that offer both theoretical grounding and practical application.  Through this program, teachers will be able to develop as leaders in music educators, and to:

  • Refine their teaching abilities with expanded knowledge of both the theories behind music instruction and the application of those theories to the classroom;
  • Further their professional development and open up new career opportunities
  • Allow learning from both the comfort of home and from classrooms at Acadia's historic campus;
  • Provide individual attention from professors who can relate to you as an educator.


  Program Courses

EDUC 50G3: Research Literacy (core)  
EDUC 5663: Curriculum Practice   
EDUC 5633: Curriculum Foundations (core)  
EDUC 5843: Instructional Design - Music Education  
EDUC 5xx3: Problems in Education: Creativity in Music Education   
EDUC 5643: Major Theoretical Developments in Curriculum Studies (core)  
EDUC 5673: Current Research and Theory - Music Education  
EDUC 5xx3: Problems in Education - Music as a Catalyst for Social Change  
EDUC 5713: Project in Education  
EDUC 5xx3: Collaborative Music Education Communities  


Application Information

A new program cohort started in January 2014.  If you are interested in future cohorts, please contact our Graduate Studies office, or one of the contacts below.  Applications to graduate education programs include:  Application Form (online), Transcripts, 2 Letters of Reference and Current Resume) sent to:

Graduate Studies Officer, Division of Research and Graduate Studies
18 University Avenue, Box 70
214 Horton Hall, Acadia University
Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R6


  • Ten courses (3 credit-hours each), current per course fee: $922 (subject to change)
  • Admission fee: $50.00 (one-time charge, assuming a minimum of one course per year)
  • Ancillary Fees may apply to selected courses


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