Planning Your Course

Acadia Central
Acadia Central is the university's course information portal. The following page provides information on getting your username and password, logging in, class lists, and entering grades. *If you are a part-time faculty member and you have not activated your network account please click here.

Academic Requirements
Academic responsibilities are outlined in Article 17 of the AUFA Collective Agreement.

Each 3 credit hour course within the intersession consists of 36 instructional hours between instructor and students. These hours may be spread among the available times as the instructor sees fit. If there is an option for more than 36 hours, the instructor may, for example, choose to meet with the class for fewer hours each day or to insert a study day into the schedule. Students should be notified of the meeting schedule as part of the course outline at the beginning of the course.

Academic Calendar
Current and previous academic calendars are found on the Registrar's website.

ACORN - Courseware Management System
ACORN stands for Acadia Courseware Online Resource Network and is Acadia U's courseware management system. Typically, you will receive access to your ACORN course shell at the beginning of your appointment. It is important that your Acadia network access has been set up as you will require the same username and password to access your course. 
Help files in the form of a Wiki and some video tutorial videos for ACORN here. If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Class Lists
Class lists are available through Acadia Central and ACORN. Class lists for Master of Education courses will be emailed to instructors about 10 days before classes start.

The campus is host to many courses and activities during the summer months. Classroom assignments are made based on availability. If you have concerns about your classroom please do not hesitate to contact us. Details about your assigned class are available with your course information and class list in Acadia Central . If you are teaching a Master of Education course, your classroom information will be emailed to you approximately 10 days before classes start.   

Grading and Submitting Marks
Marks are due within 10 days after the last class, and should be numeric grades, which affect GPA.  You can enter your numeric grades by logging into Acadia Central.  The ‘marks input’ link is on the left side of the page. Your network account must be activated. If you have not already done so, please click here.

For online courses, please send your grades to:

Acadia's Grading Scale:

Letter Grade GPA Value Range Rating
A+ 4.00 94-100  
A 4.00 87-93 Excellent
A- 3.67 80-86  
B+ 3.33 77-79  
B 3.00 73-76 Good
B- 2.67 70-72  
C+ 2.33 67-69  
C 2.00 63-66 Average
C- 1.67 60-62  
D+ 1.33 57-59  
D 1.00 53-56 Pass
D- 0.67 50-52  
F 0.00 0-49 Failure
W     Withdrew

Examinations are normally written on the last day of class. Students must be supervised during the entire exam.  

A course evaluation must be conducted for your course. The appropriate evaluation form will be provided to you by Open Acadia.  You should appoint a student designate  to distribute the form to the class, and to collect and deliver the completed evaluations to Open Acadia. You shall leave the room while the students complete the evaluation.

Information about copyright at Acadia can be found here. It is important that you adhere to these policies. If you have questions please contact Erin Patterson at or (902) 585-1193 

Office Hours
You are expected to be available for consultation with students outside of class time.

Ordering textbooks (Bookstore)
Acadia University's bookstore services are provided by Follett Canada. Please follow these instructions for online adoption of textbooks.
If you would like to consider a textbook rental or digital option for your course visit for rentals and for digital textbooks. Please contact Cathy Morine-Collins at or 902-585 1483 for assistance with any of these options. Please order your textbooks as early as possible to ensure they are in stock prior to your course start date.

Vaughan Memorial Library
The Library is open from 8 AM to 5 PM from April 26 to August 31. Please ensure that your network access is set up so that you can access the library services. Information about library services, and a list of librarians and their subject areas is available on the library website

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