Teaching Your Online Course

Course Delivery Modes

All online courses require development of resources and lessons prior to the start of the course.  There are a few different types of delivery models:

  • Open Entry – the student can start the online course any time, and can apply to the instructor for an extension, if needed
  • Scheduled – the online course has specific start and end dates, with the course delivered for a group of students at a time (minimum number required)
  • Term-Based – the online course runs in a defined term as outlined by the academic calendar. 

Face-to-Face courses can take advantage of the Acadia University Learning Management System (Moodle, also called ACORN) for supportive or pre-course work.

Additionally, some courses are taught as Hybrid (or blended) courses, in that the instructor uses some online and some face-to-face components.

Additional Information

Acadia Central
Acadia Central is the university's course information portal. The following page provides information on getting your username and password and logging in. *If you are a part-time faculty member and you have not activated your network account please click here. You must set up your network account to access ACORN - the courseware management system.

Academic Requirements
Academic responsibilities are outlined in Article 17 of the AUFA Collective Agreement.

Academic Calendar
Current and previous academic calendars are found on the Registrar's website.

ACORN - Courseware Management System
ACORN stands for Acadia Courseware Online Resource Network and is Acadia University's courseware management system. It is important that your Acadia network access has been set up as you will require the same username and password to access your course. Help files in the form of a Wiki and some video tutorials for ACORN are available here. If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.  There are lots of resources here:

Assignments are typically submitted and returned using ACORN's assignment dropbox. You should respond to student inquiries (by mail, fax, phone, or email) and return assignments within 7 working days.

Communicating with Your Students
You may never meet your online students face to face but communication is still critical. Not only are students physically isolated from you, they are often isolated from other students. You will be notified by email when a new student registers. We recommend that you send  an introductory email, welcoming the student, introducing yourself, and providing any information that is relevant but not contained in your course materials.

Course Materials
Your will work closely with our Course Development Unit to prepare your course materials. Once course development is complete and approved, students may be enrolled. 

If your course has a final examination please note the following:

  • Students must apply to write examinations.
  • All examinations in open-entry online courses are written with an approved proctor.
  • Instructors will be contacted to grant approval for a student to write the examination.
  • Examinations will be delivered to you for marking.
  • Final exams are not to be returned to students and should be kept by you for at least a year.


Students are encouraged to complete the course evaluation at the end of their online course. The results are accumulated and delivered to your department head.

Grading and Submitting Marks

Marks are due within 10 days after the last class, and should be numeric grades (which affect GPA).  You can enter your numeric grades (and whole numbers) by logging into Acadia Central.  The ‘marks input’ link is on the left side of the page. Your network account must be activated. If you have not already done so, please click here.

For online courses, please send your grades to:  oagrades@acadiau.ca

Acadia's Grading Scale:

Letter Grade GPA Value Range Rating
A+ 4.00 94-100  
A 4.00 87-93 Excellent
A- 3.67 80-86  
B+ 3.33 77-79  
B 3.00 73-76 Good
B- 2.67 70-72  
C+ 2.33 67-69  
C 2.00 63-66 Average
C- 1.67 60-62  
D+ 1.33 57-59  
D 1.00 53-56 Pass
D- 0.67 50-52  
F 0.00 0-49 Failure
W     Withdrew


Remuneration rates are established in the AUFA Collective Agreement.

Vacation and Sabbatical Leaves
We understand there may be periods during your contract that you will be away. It is important that you advise us when you will be unavailable to your students for more than 7 days.

Vaughan Memorial Library
More information about setting up your library access can be found here. Library services are available to online students. Should your students require library assistance please direct them to the library services for online students.

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