M.Ed in Curriculum Studies

Though a new Creativity cohort is not being planned for this year, students are advised that wthin the M. Ed in Curriculum Studies degree, there a good degree of flexibility with core and elective courses, such that students can choose to focus on the area of Creativity and innovation within their degrees. 

Graduate students interested in this can choose to take courses offered regularly by our School of Education (including, for example, the EDUC 5663 P4 - Curriculum Practice: Creative Strategies for Learning, Teaching and Assessment course scheduled for Summer 2017).  While this alternative does not have the concentration of creativity content that some teachers are looking for in a specific Creativity cohort, it does offer more possibilities for blending with areas such as leadership, inclusion and  technology within the courses that make up the degree. 

The M.Ed in Curriculum Studies degree program is designed to be course-based, but students with a strong interest in research could also consider a thesis option. The program provides teachers with opportunities to learn and share experiences with colleagues in courses that offer both theoretical grounding and practical application.


Letters of Interest:

If you are interested in possibly joining an upcoming cohort program, please send us a letter of interest.  Be sure to note that your interest is for the Master of Education in Curriculum Studies with a Focus on Creativity.

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If you have any questions about the application process for graduate education at Acadia, please contact our Graduate Studies Office by emailing

You may also wish to contact the Graduate Coordinator, School of Education, to discuss the specifics of your intended program of study.  More info here on the School of Education website: .


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