Customized Programs

What's on your wish list? Almost any topic is open to exploration, and programs can take a variety of shapes:

  • Seminars, one or two-day workshops
  • Online courses and virtual classrooms
  • Weekly one-day workshops
  • A combination of these

Program Consultation

We can develop a unique program for you, and almost any Acadia course can be customized to fit your organization's needs. We can adapt an existing online course to match the learning outcomes you desire, or we can build an online version of an on-campus course, if that's what your group needs. We also offer graduate degrees in specialized online and campus formats, with dedicated client service to match.

The Where and When

Programs can be delivered in the most convenient location for your organization, whether it's on-campus or on-site. We can develop a schedule that best suits your needs.

Program Management

We will coordinate all aspects of the program including development, course material preparation, scheduling, logistical arrangements (including catering), according to your requirements and budget.

Program Instruction and Facilitation

Acadia University's faculty and professionals combine their teaching experience and consulting expertise to provide learners with practical, hands-on skills that can be utilized in their work environments.

Online Options

Programs can be delivered entirely online in a number of ways, or in a blended model that combines face-to-face workshops with online self-study. Your online course can also be branded to match your organization, and we have years of experience with broadcasting online video and with incorporating virtual classroom elements.

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