Pre-University Math Courses

Many students come to university without the prerequisite math courses or knowledge that they need in order to be admitted into the mathematics and statistics courses necessary for their program.

It is for this reason that we offer an online introductory level algebra AND a pre-calculus Math course.

Pre-University Mathematics courses are intended for students who:

  • Are about to start university or college and are concerned about their foundation in math;
  • Have been out of high school for several years and would like a refresher before taking university or college math and other courses that require high-school-level math;
  • Are already at university or college and need a refresher before taking courses requiring high-school-level math.

MATH 0110 Pre-University Mathematics

MATH 0110 online is an introductory level algebra course. Such courses are often called Beginning and Intermediate Algebra or College Algebra.

Course Description: Topics from high school mathematics. This course serves as a prerequisite for courses that require NS Grades 11 and 12 Academic Math or their equivalents. 

MATH 0110 is a non-credit course.

MATH 0120 Advanced Pre-University Mathematics

Course Description: Topics from pre-calculus mathematics. This course serves as a prerequisite for courses that require NS Grades 11 and 12 Advanced Mathematics and Pre-Calculus or their equivalents. Prereq: permission of the instructor.

MATH 0120 is a non-credit course.

Getting Started

  • Fees: $40 admission fee, $525 tuition Canadian Students; $1050 tuition International Students
  • Course dates: online, continuous intake
  • Registration deadline: open-ended
  • The same administrative policies regarding withdrawals, extensions, etc. apply to these courses. More information is found here.

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