ENGL 2193 - Shakespeare 2 (3h)

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This course aims to introduce you to the study of Shakespeare's plays at the university level. You will explore 5 plays in detail and you will also learn about the political, social, and economic context in which the plays were written and first performed. You do not need to have read any Shakespeare before to enjoy the course, but you should be prepared to invest some time and energy in order to get the most out of this experience. As a matter of convenience, I have designed this course to focus on Shakespeare's tragedies and romances. "Shakespeare 1" (Engl 2183) focuses on the histories and comedies. "Shakespeare 1" (Engl 2183) and "Shakespeare 2" (Engl 2193) are not sequential. This means that you are welcome to take both courses and that you may take them in whichever order you prefer.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1406 (1413/23) with a C- or better.

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N2 Jessica Slights Open Entry Syllabus


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