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Many students come to university without the prerequisite math courses or knowledge that they need in order to be admitted into the mathematics and statistics courses necessary for their program. It is for this reason that we at Acadia University offer a course in high-school level algebra. Such courses are typically called Beginning and Intermediate Algebra or College Algebra. In some ways, you might say that Algebra plays a similar role in mathematics as grammar does in literature or that vocabulary does in the learning of a new language or that drills do in perfecting an athletic skill. Some people love algebra. They like the structure, the rules, the process of drill, the challenge of learning (learning stuff that may seem somewhat dry or useless), the thrill of getting the right answer. And of course, some people don't like doing mathematics. In either case, you are choosing to invest your time (and money) in taking this course, so I can assume that you are determined to be successful! I am on your side in this endeavour.

Prerequisites: NOTE: THIS COURSE IS ACCEPTABLE AT ACADIA UNIVERSITY AS A PRE-REQUISITE FOR MATH 1213 OR MATH 1613. Permission from Instructor. Cost $525 for Canadian students; $1050 for International students.

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N3 online Jim Pulsifer Open Entry Syllabus More Info


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