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The application of nutrition through the life cycle. Nutrition 1323 presents the application of nutrition throughout the lifespan. The course begins with a detailed analysis of energy and weight balance, and then goes onto cover nutrition specific to each life stage. Nutrition 1323 furthers your understanding of nutrition as a science. You will be asked to analyze nutritional and dietary claims for validity and use what you already know regarding nutrition to refute any fallacies you encounter. NUTR 1323 is broken into 6 modules, each with a specific focus. The Course Schedule outlines the weekly modules. There are 6 quizzes and 1 assignment. Study at your own pace (preparing for each module quiz and the assignment), keeping in mind that you have six months to complete the entire course and that the final assignment must be in at least 4 weeks prior to the date you wish to write the exam.


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N3 Online Tristaca Curley Open Entry Syllabus More Info


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